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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Holistic Treatment or "Hocus Pocus?"

I had my first acupuncture treatment of my life today. The idea was to have this type of treatment to prevent and/or minimize possible side effects of my chemotherapy treatments - specifically nausea and vomiting.  The acupuncturist used approximately 15 needles in my hands, feet, forehead and even my belly button! She also placed a heat lamp over my stomach (I’m still not sure what the purpose of the heat lamp was for because I wasn’t cold! ). The room was filled with aromatherapy scents and relaxation(?) music.  During the 45 minutes I lay on the table I thought to myself, "how do I know if this is working since I haven't really had any nausea or vomiting symptoms?" and "I can do this at home..well, except for the needles" and I even went as far to refer to the therapy as "hocus pocus" when I relayed my experience to my daughter, Teri.

Teri told me that she felt benefit from acupuncture for her migraine headaches and nausea she experienced when she had to take Methotrexate (a pill form of chemotherapy) for her rheumatoid arthritis. She told me she noticed a significant difference after several treatments; however the treatment was only palliative. 

So maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. Teri reminded me that it not just the physical treatment that helps in healing but that the mind is equally and often, more influential in recovery and healing.  Yes, I am skeptic, but I will continue to keep my mind open to all healing techniques throughout this new chapter of my life.    



  1. Wilda, I am trying 'hocus pocus therapy' too, for my post chemo overall healing. So far, I have only had one treatment, and have absolutely no idea if it's doing anything, but I can certainly say that it was a very intriguing and relaxing experience. So much so, that I am looking forward to doing it again soon!

    Teri has great advice! The mind is power!

    I love you and have a perma-grin after reading your facebook post saying you are painless. AWESOME! :-)

  2. Wilda, how courageous you are to try new methods of relaxation! Though I've never tried acupuncture or hypnosis, I truly believe that if I open my mind and place my skepticism on a shelf, I would probably be very surprised at the positive results. I will never deny the effects of alternative medicine, if that is what these are.

    Now, since YOU have been so brave, I'm ready to try acupuncture and/or hypnosis for pain relief; I might even convince my sister to try it. You're an inspiration to everyone! Don't give up on the acupuncture just yet :)

    I haven't seen the hysterically funny video of you last night because I can't open it right now, but I will see it... Teresa said to "go the bathroom first."

    I love you!

  3. i stumbled across your blog - it reminded me of a blog entry a little while ago that Suzanne Somers had at


    she interviews dr. gonzalez who has had some remarkable success stories with a natural pancreatic cancer treatment

    God bless - i lift you up, Wilda, in prayer