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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Tumors LOVE Gemzar !!

Yes, it is true, today I received the most fantastic news - my tumors are shrinking!!!! They have shrunk 30% from their original size! So for now, my treatment plan remains unchanged. I will continue with weekly infusions plus the Xeloda, and in another 6-9 weeks I'll have another PT scan to again evaluate how my tumors are responding.  
God is so good.

Please don't forget that I am participating in Pancreatic Cancer Action Network's event, PurpleStride Portland 2010.  The fundraising walk is November 7, 2010.  I invite you to join me on the walk or make a donation on my website @  PurpleStride Portland 2010.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lavender Pillow by Adrian

My daughter, Teri, has many wonderful employees who care about her and me too! One of them, Adrian, who is also a herbalist (as well as a landscaper, a loving father and devoted husband..) made me this wonderful aromatic lavender pillow.  Last month Adrian had made Teri a lavender pillow for her birthday and I loved it so much that he thought it appropriate to make me my own!!  God bless him.  I just love it!

Just Another HARD Day At Work!!! ??