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Monday, August 16, 2010


On Friday, I completed my first cycle (3 total infusions)! WHEW - now a much deserved break!  Cycle 2 (3 consecutive weekly infusions) begins Monday, Aug. 30. My plateletts went up so it seems that we have found the right dosage of Gemzar. I am also pleased that I'm in no pain so no need for pain medicine!  I thank God that the infusion residuals seem to be much less than last week. I lost 3 lbs but I am off to a good start gaining back because I am eating anything my girls put in front of me, including some delicious crab bisque that my friend, Marianne cooked especially for me.Some more good news is that my 2 sisters (one from Las Vegas and the one from San Diego) will be visiting next month. The three of us are planning a respite on the Oregon Coast at the end of Cycle 2 (3 total infusions). Thanks to our generous friends, Rick and Janice, they have opened their beach home to us.  They are so kind.Tomorrow (Tuesday) My girls are leaving for a couple days to tend some business at their jobs. I am so thankful that both my girls are blessed to have good jobs with Oregon and Washington State. They both will be back on Friday just in time for my afternoon appointment with my oncologist. Thursday I am going with my friend, Marianne and her sister, Pauline to listen to Chinese classical pianist, Di Wu at the Sunriver Great Hall. This should be an audible treat!


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