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Monday, August 23, 2010

Feeling Good!

I had a wonderful visit with my oncologist on Friday. My platelets are UP - they doubled from last week! As expected, my red and white blood counts are low, but not abnormal considering the treatment. My low red blood counts help explain my incessant cravings for Wendy's cheeseburgers! Taco Bell's crunchy tacos are pretty good too :)  My oncologist says that he considers me in the 95th percentile of how i'm responding. This is great! My next infusion is Monday, August 30. I will also start taking Xeloda, a pill form of chemotherapy. I will be taking this pill daily while having my weekly chemotherapy infusions.  See this link for more info:  http://www.pslgroup.com/dg/212DCE.htm.  Until then, I'm enjoying feeling full of energy and grateful that my appetite seems to be insatiable. I'm also looking forward to a productive week at work with my Bend Surgery Center family!  Thank you, Deb Harris for the delicious soup from the Village Baker - it hit the spot!   

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