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Friday, August 6, 2010

Cycle 1 - Infusion 2 DONE!

2 down, 1 more to go in my first cycle of chemotherapy infusion. My platelets took a nose dive which is not so good because the risk of infection increases. However, on a positive note this also means that I am responding to the Gemzar :)    The best news is that I gained 3 lbs since last Friday!  Not surprising - I am definitely not experiencing a loss of appetite. I am eating small portions frequently (well, actually constantly) during my waking hours.  If  i'm awake - i'm eating!  Today my taste buds were delighted with some culinary gifts from my dear friends, Marianne and Roxanne.  Marianne suprised me with her home-made chicken salad and she even packaged small individual portions for me!  And Roxanne surprised me with some wonderful home-made asian soup. Yummm-O! The flavors are delectable!  My 3rd infusion for this 1st cycle is scheduled for is next Friday and then I have a break until 8/27/2010.  Thank you for all your prayers, healing energy and words of encouragement.. and of course, ALL the good foods!! :)


  1. Yay! I'm getting hungry just hearing about the yummy food!!! Keep up the good work! You rock! :-)

  2. Sarita,
    Who in the heck is Loarti and rd and how will they help Wilda? I thought we were praying to the good LORD. LOL ;)

  3. LOL - Marti says it just like it is :)

  4. Wilda! You are such a wonderful person and an inspiration to us all! Just an idea, you should get a video camera and record yourself and all your wisdom. It's something we tried to get my husbands mom to do but she only did a little bit and we wish we had more from her! I know God will lead the way down whatever road he has chosen for you and I know you will follow it with a happy thankful heart. You are in my prayers,

    Emily :)