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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Pleasant Day

My oncologist told me today that I was doing "exceedingly well!" and he attributes my progress to my otherwise good health, including healthy eating habits, and my positive attitude towards my condition, my life and my diagnosis.  My weight is maintaining and my appetite is with me all the time!  In fact, I couldn't wait for the infusion to finish so I could eat - even though I ate home-made blueberry pancakes and bacon before my infusion (YUMM!).  My treatment proceeded smoothly and this was the second infusion in a row where we were all treated to the peaceful melodies of an acoustic guitar.  He played wonderfully.
After my infusion, my daughter, Teri and I went to the Olive Garden for their soup, salad and breadsticks special.  Pretty good deal for "all you can eat" but the first serving was satisfying so there was no need to keep eating - well... except for .... 
Our waiter insisted that their Tiramisu was one of the best and he was RIGHT!   It was the perfect dessert to complete our delicious meal :)


  1. Tiramisu!!! And you didn't invite ME? That is one of my favorite memories of Italy, which I want you to experience when we all go in May... their incredible tiramisu (which they created, of course), and which I ordered each time we ate out.

    I'm happy that Dr. Martin had truly good news for you, just what I expected to hear. I noticed on Saturday night, when we went to dinner for Teresa's birthday, that you looked so youthful,and you simply radiated health and well-being. It's hard to believe that you are facing this incredible challenge, but you are going to be one of those rare persons in the upper 2% who, through your good health habits, your positive attitude, the dedication from your family, your involvement in your career, and your deep faith, WILL prevail!

    Thank you, Teresa, for updating this blog.

    Wilda, I love you, and I hope to see you on the 28th after taking my brother and his family to the airport (I may be a little late for your infusion, but I do want to be there :)

    Love and hugs,
    P.S. Oh, my! I WAS wordy, wasn't I? :)

  2. Wilda - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! - sorry I wasn't there to be part of it. Looks like you had a great day. My thoughts and prayers are with you.